a post about Celeste by Celeste | a love of seaweed

Hello, I'm the other Celeste. You've probably seen a girl with blue hair sitting in the gallery on Saturday's, that's me. After spending a few weeks with Drawing with Seaweed, I wanted to share my thoughts on the show.

Being someone who has lived in Maine their entire life, I have found beauty in the small things. It is no comparison, though, to Celeste's admiration of seaweed and local findings on the beach shore. This passion that drives her to collect aquatic plants is so inspiring as an artist here in Portland.

Celeste explained her passions during her artist talk, describing collecting seaweed and returning home quickly to wash it and keep it in her fridge. This innocent love was shown throughout her talk, and whenever she comes into the gallery. 

The cyanotypes add a nice break between the collages of seaweed on the walls. Celeste, Rachel, Bruce and Jon really knew the best way to put the work up to allow an organic flow of this beautiful organic material.

We also just had the pleasure of hearing from Jessica Muhlin, Professor at Maine Maritime Academy, talk about the importance of seaweed, and the benefits it can offer to society. It's used within food, like ice cream and within household items like toothpaste and shampoo. The uses of seaweed range from food to beauty products, to even supplying 30% of the oxygen we breathe.

Celeste's beautiful work on the walls, paired with Jessica's amazing talk on sublime seaweed, has given me the understanding of how important seaweed is on our planet, and definitely within our state. This show will be up for another week at PhoPa, and I highly recommend coming in to see it before it's gone.