Keeping up with The Millennials: An Update from our Sister Gallery in Rockport

Hey there,

Brooke Morrill here. I'm an intern at Maine Media’s Rockport gallery for the summer.  Most of you will have heard about PhoPa’s sister gallery up here, but I wanted to give you an insider's view of what's on display now and why you should plan a trip up to see it.  To get a taste of what's in store, visit Maine Media's website:

I see ninety eight faces staring back at me every time I enter the gallery. It’s not a typical display; a grid of portraits lining walls floor to ceiling, yet all completely different in character.  Geography of Youth was created by photographers Alan Winslow and Morrigan McCarthy, documenting the Millennial generation (ages 20-35) by taking their portraits and asking what it’s like to be an adult in the world today. The pictures include each Millennial’s answer to the right of it, displaying as if it were a journal page for anyone to read, about when they became an adult and what they hope to achieve in life.  

For example, there is Djahi, 30, living in Brooklyn, NY: 

Do you consider yourself an adult?  Yes. 

When did you become an adult?  Simply, when my parents no longer supported me…  

Another is Navio, 19, living in Tokyo, Japan: 

Do you consider yourself an adult? I’m on my way there.  I am a-little-bit of an adult, but inside, a small child who still loves to play. 

The wide range of ages brings surprising answers and honest stories.

As an intern for the gallery, I've helped hang a lot of shows and this one was particularly interesting as each photo went up. Not only are there a wide variety of faces staring back from different terrains, but I started to feel a connection to each stranger as I read their story.  After viewing the show, a couple came over to tell me how they had a conversation with their grown son who still doesn’t feel like an adult. The show itself reaches out to everyone, regardless of age or life circumstance.  

If you are in the Portland area this Friday during First Friday Art Walk (August 7) swing by Congress Square. A selection of these portraits and interview responses will be projected in the Square beginning at 8:30pm.  Don't miss either of these great events showcasing Alan and Morrigan's work.  Plus, check out their website to find out more about the project.