In the Footsteps of Walker Evans | A People to People Cultural Exchange

September 7 - October 8, 2016
Gallery Reception: Thursday, September 22, 5-7pm
followed by Return to Cuba screening at 7:30pm |10 Exchange Street, Portland, ME

featuring work by 20 photographers
Sam Abell • Fred Blum • Kip Brundage • Reid Callanan • Matt Cronin • Jorge Gavilondo
Rob Gensler • Greg Gorman • Cig Harvey • Alain Jaramillo • David Julian • Skip Klein • Mark Klett
Liudmila & Nelson•Jose Marti • Abelardo Morell • Keron Psillas • Kevin Sweeney • Kari Wehrs

In December of 2014, just weeks before President Barack Obama normalized relations with Cuba, a group of professional and amateur photographers travelled there to retrace the steps of renowned documentary photographer Walker Evans.  Cuban Footsteps is representative of their unique journey, offering a reinterpretation of Evans’ iconic 1930s images at a new historical tipping point. 

Cuban Footsteps premiered at our sister venue, Maine Media Gallery in Rockport, on view from August 2 - September 3, 2016.