Work by Jeffery Becton, Thomas Birtwistle, and Sarah Szwajkos

Guest Curated by Susan Danly 

January 29 - March 7, 2015

Opening Reception | Friday, February 6, 5-7pm

Artist Talk | Sunday, February 22, 2pm, doors open at 1:45
(Snow Date: Sunday, March 1, 2pm) 

About the Work

The first camera, the camera obscura, couldn’t produce prints, but it was a powerful tool for the observation of the outside world.  A simple black box, it had a small, pin-hole sized opening through which light transmitted the scene in front of it.  The image, projected upside down inside the box, brought the world “outside/in”.  This exhibition of contemporary photography does a similar thing.  It draws our attention to the outside world in formally composed and socially cogent imagery.

These photographs of quiet interior spaces by Jeff Becton, Thomas Birtwistle, and Sarah Szwakjos make reference to the exterior world in their use of light, color, language, and objects.  With views through open windows and doors to still-life studies of shoes and nautical charts, their images carry our imagination toward the sea and the landscape -- and out of prison.    

-Susan Danly, Guest Curator


About the curator and the artists

Guest Curator Susan Danly served as Curator of Graphics, Photography and Contemporary Art at the Portland Museum of Art from 2002 to 2011 before becoming Senior Curator in 2012.  Recently retired, Danly earned a doctorate in photographic history at Brown University. Deer Isle artist Jeffery Becton received an MFA from Yale and has exhibited throughout New England and New York State, including a recent solo show at the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts.  Thomas Birtwistle, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, has lived in Harmony, Maine since 1992 and shown at many northeast institutions including the Portland Museum of Art, Colby Museum of Art, and Center for Maine Contemporary Art.  Sarah Szwajkos, a graduate of Smith College, works in the midcoast region as a photographer, writer, book artist, letterpress printer, graphic designer and teacher.