Maine Media Workshops + College
Professional Certificate in Photography Graduates
June 12 - 22, 2013

After 30 weeks of immersion into learning to see and craft images with a unique and personal voice, Maine Media Workshops’ Professional Certificate students unveiled the result of all their hard work. The Graduation Exhibition showcased the work of Collin Howell, Sujata Khanna, Adam Pitula, and Jourdan Selkowitz. "The talent and poise of this certificate group is significant," says Certificate Program Chair Brenton Hamilton. "In genres ranging from classic street photography, lyric documentary, personal autobiography, and cultural investigation, the group has created a superb and articulate body of work."

Maine Media's Professional Certificate Program is a comprehensive immersion experience in which students spend a year honing their skills and tailoring their unique personal vision. Courses focus not only on technique and craft, but also on photographic seeing, history, and the business of art. Through regular critiques, students push themselves and each other towards complete and polished portfolios. This program prepares storytellers and photographic printmakers for a wide range of careers in photography as well as for a creative life of image making that can grow and evolve over a lifetime.