Momentary Certainties
 Megan Magill + Sal Taylor Kydd

March 8 - April 8, 2017
Opening Reception | Thursday, March 9, 5-7pm
Open House: Maine Media's MFA Program
Saturday, March 18th, 2-4pm

Artist Talk | Thursday, April 6, 5:30 pm


About Megan Magill

Megan Magill is an artist who splits her time between the city of Chicago and Brooksville, Maine. She received her BA in Humanities at the University of Colorado, her Masters from Northwestern University and her MFA from Maine Media College.

Megan experiments with a variety of photo and printmaking processes. In her most recent project, My Business is Circumference, she pushed dry mediums, such as powdered graphite and chalk pastels, through a photographically exposed silkscreen onto printmaking paper resulting in one of a kind works on paper.

Her work has been featured on Der Grief, Streithouse Space, Ain’t Bad and the Curated Fridge. The Habit of Winning was recently featured in F-Stop Magazine’s portfolio issue with an interview by William Cox and in a print publication with LDOC in Chicago. My Business is Circumference was exhibited at Pascal Hall in Rockport, Maine in November of this year.  Click here to visit her website.


About Sal Taylor Kydd

Originally from the UK, photographer and artist Sal Taylor Kydd lived all over the world before settling in Rockport, Maine. Sal specializes in alternative processes of photography to create Cyanotype and Platinum/Palladium prints. She has most recently self published a book of poetry and photographs entitled Just When I Thought I Had You, and has authored and created a number of hand-made artist books, notably Cadence, Late Love and most recently Keepsakes.

Sal has exhibited nationally, including shows at A. Smith Gallery in Texas, The Keystone Art Space in Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Center for Photography and Gallery 69 also in Los Angeles. She and her family now reside in Rockport, Maine where Sal has just completed her MFA in Photography at the Maine Media College. Sal's artist books are represented by Priscilla Juvelis, Inc.  Click here to visit her website.



About the Exhibition

Momentary Certainties features work by Megan Magill and Sal Taylor Kydd. Megan Magill will exhibit work from her recent project, My Business is Circumference, in which she created one of a kind works on paper by pushing dry mediums, such as powdered graphite and chalk pastels, through a photographically exposed silkscreen. Sal Taylor Kydd will show platinum palladium photographs that capture passing moments in the natural world, expressing both a sense of place and discovery.  Both artists think of the photographic object as “keepsake of human experience,” and hope that their work will prompt viewers to reflect on time, memory, and the fleeting moments of our passing lives. Through working in alternative processes, such themes are embodied in the artistic practices in which the artists engage. Sal Taylor Kydd and Megan Magill are recent graduates of the MFA program at Maine Media College (MMC), in Rockport, Maine. The low-residency program at MMC is geared toward artists interested in engaging in a rigorous educational experience leading to the MFA degree in the media arts fields of photography, filmmaking and multimedia.