Maine Media Workshops + College
 Professional Certificate Student Exhibition 

June 1-11, 2016
Opening Reception | Friday June 3, 5-7pm

Certificate Students:
Kristen Burke, Christine Moriello, Angelica Petryshyn, Madhura Srinivas, Erin Tokarz

Community Students:
Jim Nickelson, Jeannie Hutchins


The Professional Certificate program at Maine Media Workshops + College is an interdisciplinary and immersive 30-week program in the art and craft of visual storytelling.  Students aspiring to careers as artists and working professionals in the world of media arts become fluent in multiple forms of visual media in order to effectively tell a story – whether it is one of personal expression, documentary journalism, social advocacy, or fictional narrative. The Maine Media Workshops + College Professional Certificate program is designed to graduate visual storytellers with the skills, vision, experience, and knowledge needed to build a career in the evolving field of media arts.