"It’s a handsome show of works by two disparate photographers whose images and presentations dovetail just enough for their shared space to feel genuinely shared. And they diverge just enough to throw a bit of light on each other."
At PhoPa, 2 Artists are Stronger than One
by Daniel Kany, Portland Press Herald

"In the poem, published in 1847, Longfellow tells Evangeline’s love story in the context of the mid-1700s expulsion of Acadians from the present-day Canadian Maritimes. When Marchesi arrived in New Edinburgh, Nova Scotia, in June 2012, he found the poem in book form in the residency quarters and learned the setting for Longfellow’s epic tale was exactly where he would be staying the next two weeks. Inspired by the light, landscape and culture – and by the poem’s sudden and unexpected presence in his life – he shifted the focus of his work from the tides to the 'overwhelming connection between how Longfellow described the area in the 1840s and how it looks now."                                                                                                                                                In Longfellow's Footsteps, Photographer Updates "Evangeline"                                                                                                             by Bob Keyes, Maine Today

"[Elizabeth Greenberg's] soft-focus black and white landscapes have a dreamy, old-timey feel that may seem antithetical to Howard’s electrically charged art history game. But the works share a surprising set of qualities..." "[Elizabeth Greenberg's] long-exposure shots combine with a circular structure to imbue a sense of visionary experience."                                                                "[Howard] Greenberg’s materials and clear alternate solutions to Malevich’s paintings present both an intelligent appreciation and a critical encapsulation of the late artist’s work that makes for a humble, fun and entertaining experience."                            The Greenbergs and Malevich get along just fine at PhoPa                                                                                                                  by Daniel Kany, Portland Press Herald

"Marshall’s work is silvery sculpture – and sculpture is not common at PhoPa. Anselmi’s work leans heavily on elegantly loping paper-loving collage, but he now appears at PhoPa as an artist with his eye on two of the 20th century’s greatest painters: Picasso and Matisse... [Paper Works] is the strongest and most handsome show I have seen in PhoPa’s swanky little space. And it is one of the best shows I have seen in Maine in a long time – smart, visually rich and thoroughly enjoyable."
Art Review: PhoPa’s step into sculpture recalls modernist giants
by Daniel Kany, Portland Press Herald

"Anselmi of Belfast uses painted paper as one would handle a brush, cutting and layering it to create vibrant, colorful compositions on paper and canvas... A press release about the exhibit says, '[Marshall] coats the bags with layer upon layer of a graphite and plaster solution that eventually transforms them into sturdy, stand-alone structures while retaining the familiar shape and quality of a paper bag.'"
‘Paper Works’ by two artists coming to PhoPa in Portland
by Staff Reporters, Portland Press Herald

"This show collects 13 of the sharpest young shooters in the state right now, like the lovely, emotional compositions of Gabrielle Sturchio, visual road poetry from Jasper Muse, artifacts-as-portait shots by Greta Grant, and more."
Judgment Calls: Seeing Through: Maine Photographers, 30 and Under
by Nich Schroeder

"Rong hopes that visitors to the exhibit will be able to connect with her theme, no matter their own personal journeys...[S}he said[,] 'I didn't do this project for anyone else. I didn't do this to make art, to sell or have a gallery show...Once I started, I could not stop. The journey continues.'"
Connecting Present with the Past: PhoPa Gallery Features Chinese Transplant's Images
by Tim Gillis

"One image shows a cupped hand comfortably cradling a birds nest, another shows a wasps nest held secure by human fingers. Each of photographers Cheryle St. Onge’s black-and-white images in 'Natural Findings' demonstrate a human-nature connection that feels wonderfully….well, natural. A person standing in for a branch, a hand holding onto a small universe. The photographs capture 'the curiosity and awe of our early grasp of nature.'”
Cardboard, Cartoons, & Really Small Portraits: 5 Exhibits to See During November's First Friday Art Walk
by Shannon Bryan

"What does it say about contemporary culture that a significant number of photographers look backward, using historical processes to create their work? These processes risk failure, require manual labor, and, not least, time and patience. Nostalgia alone cannot account for this resurgence....PhoPa Gallery's current show offers an opportunity to explore this phenomenon with a superb sampling from Maine's best practitioners of historical processes." 
Past and present perspectives: Contemporary photographers click with historical processes
by Britta Konau

"While memory is a rich topic for photography, it’s a tricky one, loaded with pratfalls and pretension. Porobic’s foray into the subject, however, is a rare treat...The final works are among the best conceptual photography shown recently in Maine." 
Art Review: Damir Porobic’s photographs dig deep into memory at Pho Pa
by Daniel Kany, Portland Press Herald 

"After several high-profile [gallery] shutterings, the most interesting spots in town are East Bayside's PhoPa Gallery, who roll out print and photography work as cerebral and emotional as those mediums can get (see "Memory Prints," a collection of hauntingly spare composite images by Damir Porobic, this month), Edward T. Pollack Fine Arts...and Susan Maasch Fine Arts...."
The Shape of Art to Come
by Nick Schroeder, DigPortland 

"The prints have strong photographic elements, but are fleeting and almost imaginary. That’s how they resemble dreams and memories: The viewer can recognize an object, but not quite grasp it. It is within reach, but elusive."
Artist Damir Porobic Captures Memories: "Memory Prints" on Display at PhoPa Gallery in Portland
by Bob Keyes, Maine Today 

"The fact that you can see “Curiosities” as straightforward or complexly conceptual makes it a particularly appealing and accessible exhibition. That Harbert is so successful in both modes makes it an unusual and noteworthy show."
Art Review: ‘Curiosities’ plays with grain and concept
by Daniel Kany, Portland Press Herald

"Harbert’s work is quite fearless and not always an easy “gimme” to the viewer. On the other hand, many of my favorite images of his over the years are an easy entry point into the heart – kind of quietly… astonishing."
Tonee Harbert: Curiosities
by Heather Frederick, VoxPhotographs

PhoPa Gallery to show Photographs by Tonee Harbert
Portland Press Herald

"Over at the PhoPa Gallery on Washington Avenue, which has emerged as one of the more gratifying small viewing rooms in Portland, an exhibit of the generational Maine art photographers Paul Caponigro and son John Paul Caponigro traces the duo's obsessive knack for transmuting vibrant natural settings into start, still, achromatic tableaux, and the advances in technology that have deepened their practice."
Pull Up the Anchor
by Nick Schroeder, Portland Phoenix

"In a show of captivating works on paper using radically different approaches, three artists reaffirm that truism, using the visual vocabulary of environmental studies to create art that engages our capacities for politics, poetry, and metaphor."
Upsetting the Natural Order
by Nick Schroeder, Portland Phoenix

Artists Avy Claire, Anne-Claude Cotty and Nancy Manter to exhibit work at PhoPa Gallery in Portland
Portland Press Herald

PhoPa Gallery to feature work from master artist and printer Tim Higbee
Portland Press Herald

"John Goodman's photographic prints are incomparably luscious. The idea of an aesthetic texture such as Goodman's exquisitely soupy grains is like brushwork."
Art Review: John Goodman at PhoPa
by Daniel Kany, Portland Press Herald

"His vision, realized through photography, is real and engaging. His eye for the decisive moment is impeccable. He creates images that matter to the viewer."
John Goodman at PhoPa
by Heather Frederick, VoxPhotographs

PhoPa Gallery to Exhibit photos by John Goodman
Portland Press Herald

"The large prints, and with no glass barrier, pull you in like a magnet. Everyone's eyes lit up at the sheer power of the work as they entered the gallery for the panel discussion and reception on 11/19."
Steven Laxton at PhoPa
by Heather Frederick, VoxPhotographs

"PhoPa's show gathers some of Pierce's strongest images where the world is only reflected to the extent in which it has formed its children."
Portland Phoenix: Four Decades of Photographs: An Empathetic Look on Children
by Britta Konau, The Free Press

"Pierce made these photographs from inside out. They are not staged, the children in them are simply living their lives and offer the photographer no pretense. But the only way to get this from subjects is to respect and honor them firstly, and secondly to live in their world."
by Heather Frederick, VoxPhotographs

"The wacky abandon of Bennett's subjects and the gentle play of light on the silvered surface of her prints is an anomaly that is irresistible."
In the Arts
by Philip Isaacson

"Melonie Bennett's choice to step back from photography for a time fueled a leap forward for her work when she again picked up a camera."
Snap Decision: Gorham photographer shows at PhoPa Gallery
by Bob Keyes