Stuart Zaro
Driven Deep

June 11 - June 21

Artist Statement

For me, photography should do more than simply record. It should tell a more intricate story than what is apparent on the surface. My current project, Driven Deep,  has been  an ongoing photographic journey that expresses my interest in looking more deeply into human nature, and enabling a viewer to connect to the stories behind every day occurrences.

Driven Deep revolves around moments encountered in mundane settings—in a train station, at a carnival, on a busy Manhattan sidewalk, or at a lake at dusk. Each photograph conveys its own distinct narrative, always tethered to an emotional chord.


My interest in the inner landscape sometimes manifests as surrealistic photographs in which irrational juxtapositions occur: In a happenstance reflection that looks as though a ghost is gazing pensively at a man. In the discordance of a plainly-dressed woman at the front of a line of identically adorned would-be beauty pageants. In the sadness of a smiling clown paralyzed in the midst of circus hubbub.

These juxtapositions are everywhere – it only takes an awareness to recognize when they are unfolding. I strive to capture these moments and to always to express them with a sense of respect – sometimes even with a sense of humor.